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This is a Dog

This is a Dog

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Englisches Bilderbuch mit viel Witz

A hilarious paperback picture book from the award-winning, bestselling author and illustrator, Ross Collins, about a mischievous dog who steals the limelight.

Uh-oh! An excitable (but very loveable) dog has found his way into this First Animals book and he will NOT let any of the other animals take their turn. Dogs are far more important, after all! And when the other animals get angry, this dog comes up with a very cunning plan to outwit them . . .

A funny family story to share at bedtime – or any time!

 A brilliant, brightly coloured gift that will make children laugh out loud.

Autor: Ross Collins
Verlag: Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781788009225
Seiten: 32
Größe: 270 x 270 mm
Erschienen: August 2020
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage