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The Suitcase

The Suitcase

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A story full of heart, hope and kindness about how we treat those in need

When a strange-looking animal arrives pulling a big suitcase, the other animals are curious. What on earth could be inside that suitcase? A teacup? Maybe. A table and chair? Perhaps. A whole home and hillside with trees? This stranger must be fibbing! But when the animals break into the suitcase and discover a very special photograph, they begin to understand what the strange creature has been through, and together they create a very special welcome present . . .

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Shortlisted for Oscar’s Book Prize 2020

Shortlisted for the 2020 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal

(editors' note) 


How is it to be a newcomer, entering a community and being met with suspicion and mistrust? An inspiring book, filled up with the necessary sensitivity to talk to children about kindness, displacement and the suffering of being a refugee. 

  • Altersempfehlung : ab 3 Jahren
  • Autor: Chris Naylor - Ballesteros
  • Erschienen: Mai 2019
  • Format : 27 x 27 cm
  • Illustrationen: Chris Naylor - Ballesteros
  • ISBN: 9781788004480
  • Lieferzeit : 2-3 Werktage
  • Seiten: 32 (broschiert)
  • Verlag: Nosy Crow