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Peep inside the Zoo

Peep inside the Zoo

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Peep under leaves and behind doors to see the animals in the zoo in this delightful flap book for young children. With flaps and holes to peep underneath and through, noisy parrots, cheeky monkeys, very tall giraffes and lots more are revealed. Sure to become a firm favourite for young animal lovers.

A wonderful book with great illustrations and holes to peep through and flops to keep the hands busy while observing and describing. The text shares much information about animals one sees in the zoo. Many hours to read and discover guaranteed. 

  • Altersempfehlung: ab 2 Jahren
  • Autorin: Anna Milbourne
  • Erschienen: 2013
  • Format: 19 x 16 cm
  • Illustrationen: Nicola Butler
  • ISBN: 9781409549925
  • Lieferzeit : 2-3 Werktage
  • Seiten: 14 (Pappe)
  • Verlag: Usborne